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Great education starts with a firm foundation.

The Foundations program establishes a three-way partnership that preserves all the advantages that led you to homeschool in the first place.

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Equipping you to provide your children with a high-quality education.

What is science? How many words are in the English language? Why is history important?

If you are looking to homeschool your elementary- or middle-aged child, let us help. With our comprehensive, memorization-based Foundations Curriculum, parents and tutors work with children to build a solid understanding across the core literacies and subject areas—history, science, English, geography, math, and Latin. All through a Christian worldview.

These building blocks pave the way for future learning and high-school Classical Conversations homeschool programs. Foundations combines both community-based and at-home learning models to instill a wide range of valuable skills and competencies, including:

  • In-depth memory work across the six central subjects
  • Confidence-building through public speaking opportunities
  • Enrichment and socialization in the community setting
  • Exciting scientific experimentation and discovery
  • Exposure to various art forms, including classical music
  • Engaging learning games to lock in core concepts and vocabulary

Foundations Cycles

The homeschool material taught in Foundations is divided into three cycles: one cycle per year, for three years. Children who begin Foundations in K4 will complete each cycle at least twice, developing greater understanding and mastery through repetition. However, children at any age will benefit from learning the memory work, even if they only complete one cycle.

Since cycles aren’t related to a particular grade level, families may begin in any cycle at any time. Sixth graders cover the same grammar as kindergarteners and are encouraged to cover the material in greater depth at home.

  • Cycle 1 – Learn about ancient world history, Latin noun endings, biology and Earth science, English prepositions and verbs, World: Historical empires, peoples, and countries, and Exodus 20.
  • Cycle 2 – Dive into Pre-Reformation to modern history and geography, Latin verb conjugation, ecology, astronomy, and physics, English pronouns, adverbs, and conjunctions, multiplication tables, conversions, geometric formulas, algebraic laws, and Genesis 1:1-27.
  • Cycle 3 – Continue with your home country’s history, translating John 1:1-7 from the Latin Vulgate, anatomy, chemistry, origins, English participles, irregular verb tenses, clauses, multiplication tables, conversions, geometric formulas, and algebraic laws.


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So excited for SG to begin this semester. So glad it doesn’t add time to our schedule outside the house & the carpool shuffle.


Amen! My youngest took CC+ classes and, while he can’t graduate earlier in his Engineering Project Management degree, it allows him to get a minor in Computer Information Systems AND take one less class per semester. THANK YOU CC!


Our first semester has been amazing. I can’t believe that, if we hustled, my DD could almost finish an associates degree by graduation. For about $11k. And no extra books.