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Words, numbers, and sentences are essential to language development.

Every challenge is an opportunity for meaningful growth and a catalyst for lifelong learning.

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Lead Your Child to a World of Possibilities

Essentials is a bridge between the grammar and dialectic arts that prepares students for the middle and high-school Challenge programs. Built around the support and accountability that can only come from a local community, this power-packed, Christian-based homeschool program guides parents of children ages nine to twelve through the foundational principles of language structure and analysis, the structure and style of writing, and arithmetic speed and accuracy.

Equip Your Children with the Essentials

Items students learn in the program:

  • How to properly capitalize and punctuate words and sentences
  • What the eight parts of speech are and how to use them properly
  • How to recognize and create 112 sentence patterns
  • How to diagram sentences
  • How to analyze sentences by purpose, structure, patterns, and speech parts
  • How to write with structure and style through Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • How to write an outline, narrative, expository, and essay
  • Math drills, increasing speed in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, and exponents, in preparation for higher math

Learning Beyond a Worksheet

Parents and their students meet once a week with a Tutor for the two-hour Essentials program after Foundations. It is in the support of this community environment, parents are equipped and trained by observing the Tutor and learning alongside their child. Tutors, trained in the program’s materials, facilitate community time by modeling the exercises that parents will do with their students at home. Student and parent participation are critical components of this unique partnership!

Students emerge prepared to tackle foreign languages, essays, and pre-algebra confidently when these essential (yet often neglected) skills are mastered.

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So excited for SG to begin this semester. So glad it doesn’t add time to our schedule outside the house & the carpool shuffle.


Amen! My youngest took CC+ classes and, while he can’t graduate earlier in his Engineering Project Management degree, it allows him to get a minor in Computer Information Systems AND take one less class per semester. THANK YOU CC!


Our first semester has been amazing. I can’t believe that, if we hustled, my DD could almost finish an associates degree by graduation. For about $11k. And no extra books.