Undergraduate Program​

The Classical Conversations Undergraduate Program is the newest Classical Conversations program, expanding on the offerings of our traditional CC Plus classes for college credit. With the Undergraduate Program, your student can achieve their goals as they pursue their purpose as a CC Plus student.

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Your Purpose Made Approachable​​

Whether that is a degree, a discipline, or a deeper understanding of their interests, we can help. In partnership with Southeastern University, Classical Conversations will provide students with multiple opportunities and options for enrolling as a degree-seeking student at Southeastern University. The Undergraduate Program allows for a continued pursuit of life-long learning. CC Plus has partnered with Challenge students and parents to make every graduate’s passion and purpose approachable with this unique and innovative new program.

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  • Step 1. Schedule a Consultation!​​
  • Step 2. Plan your Degree!​​
  • Step 3. Graduate! ​​
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Available Online Degrees​

Benefits of the CC Undergrad Program

  • Freedom to pursue your purpose with personalized degree-plans, to achieve the perfect fit with SEUs innovative Divine Design program
    ( ), and to prepare for the future in your own way!
  • Automatic acceptance as a CCPlus student or parent with no testing, recommendations, or essays required.
  • Special pricing for CCPlus students and parents with FAFSA, savings plans and many scholarships accepted.
  • Dedicated Academic Advisors and Mentors to help every student achieve that perfect fit in their continued education.
  • Special status with Christian career assistance company, RedBalloon