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The M.A. in Classical Studies program offers a distinctive and comprehensive study of classical Christian education and its application to children’s learning, home education, personal formation, and family learning in community.

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Offered in partnership with Classical Conversations, Inc., the M.A. in Classical Studies at SEU provides a framework for classical educators to demonstrate their thought leadership and mastery of the soul’s formation through Christ-centered classical education.​

The M.A. in Classical Studies is both theoretical and applied, with students engaged in teaching, curriculum development, and community leadership throughout the program. With a core curriculum of 12 credits centered on classical methods and surveys, the program currently offers three concentrations designed to focus on disciplines in Pedagogy of Education, English, and History, with additional strands being pursued for the future.​

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  1. Develop a teaching philosophy that articulates the difference between Christian and secular education, schooling and education, and the role of the soul and imagination in education.
  2. Identify the role of grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric in accessing academic abilities and relate them to the paideia of God.
  3. Effectively lead programs and design integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum beyond disciplines in order to support the human endeavor of peacemaking.
  4. Participate in the great classical conversations of history and apply them to modern living as ambassadors of Christ.