CC Plus Program

Earn College Credit while in Classical Conversations

What is CC Plus

CC Plus utilizes the concurrent enrollment model for assessing Challenge coursework to gain regional college credit. In other words, your student can get college credit for the Challenge courses they're already completing.

Why CC Plus

CC Plus believes in providing our students as much value as possible. Some families focus on how much they can save. Others appreciate the mature accountability and feedback our expert and highly vetted assessors give. Still others recognize the time savings provided by CC Plus. These aspects (along with many others) are the reasons "why" CC Plus may be a tremendous opportunity for your family.

How CC Plus

CC Plus courses are $500 and are offered to Challenge 2, 3 and 4 students. Once registered students will receive login details to an online platform before the start of the semester. From there, they will upload the work they are completing at home and in community to their classical assessor for feedback. Please contact us with additional questions.

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Course options for Challenge students

Challenge II

College Options

  • Biology
  • Composition 1 - British Literature
  • College Algebra
  • Latin 1
  • Western Cultural History
Details and Registration
Challenge III

College Options

  • American History 1
  • American History 2
  • Chemistry
  • Composition 1
  • Latin 2
  • Music Theory
  • Speech
  • Philosophy
  • College Algebra 
Details and Registration
Challenge IV

College Options

  • Composition 2
  • Greek & Roman Lit
  • Interpretation of Ancient Lit
  • Christian Thought and Practice 
  • Old Testament & Its Interpretation 
  • Western Civ I
  • Western Civ II
  • College Algebra 
  • Speech
Details and Registration
How much money can

I Save?

You can save thousands with CC Plus!

My enrollment counselor at Grand Canyon University said I saved around $30,000 when I transfer my ICS credits over to the University. Thank you CC Plus! - Sam M.