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Classical Conversations is so much more than a homeschooling program. Everything centers around community. Working with like-minded families, parents are supported as they learn alongside their children. Whether studying math, science, English, or just how to think critically, you will find yourself redeeming your own education as you are equipped with resources and training to teach your children not what to learn, but how to learn. With engaging, hands-on learning opportunities for all ages, students broaden their minds and develop a Christian worldview with every passing year.

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Age 4+

Great education starts with a firm foundation.

Homeschool with your elementary- and middle-aged children to build a solid understanding across core subject areas including English, math, history, science, fine arts and Latin. Foundations combines both Christian at-home and community-based learning models and resources to instill a broad range of vital skills and competencies.

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Age 4-8

Play sparks curiosity.

Resources are recommended that provide activities for engaging little ones in learning through play. Your early elementary-aged children will hone fine motor skills and develop basic literacy as their curiosity is sparked and they develop a sense of wonder at the world around us.

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Age 9+

Words, numbers, and sentences are essential to language development.

The Essentials program takes late elementary and middle school students far beyond what they would practice on a worksheet. Mixing memorization of strategic vocabulary, rules, and lists with a series of analytical tasks, they will learn strong written and oral language construction and usage skills. Through these exercises and hands-on-activities, students emerge prepared to tackle foreign languages, essays, and pre-algebra confidently.

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Age 12+

Students will rise to the challenge.

Our Challenge program encourages junior high and high-school aged students to think critically and engage in dialectical discovery through each year-long program. With consistent progression, students will learn to craft persuasive rhetorical arguments as they deepen their connection to their minds, their community, and their faith.

It is here, in Challenge, that the homeschool journey really becomes fun. Working both independently and in community, students and parents alike will be amazed at what they are able to accomplish together, as they progress beyond the homeschool coursework and begin preparing college transcripts and even earning college credits.

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So excited for SG to begin this semester. So glad it doesn’t add time to our schedule outside the house & the carpool shuffle.


Amen! My youngest took CC+ classes and, while he can’t graduate earlier in his Engineering Project Management degree, it allows him to get a minor in Computer Information Systems AND take one less class per semester. THANK YOU CC!


Our first semester has been amazing. I can’t believe that, if we hustled, my DD could almost finish an associates degree by graduation. For about $11k. And no extra books.