Experiential Development

Students will join mentors on several excursions throughout the year.


Academic Development

Students can earn up to 30 college credits during the program.



Leadership Development

Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in areas of service, planning on excursions, along with weekly discussions.


Spiritual Development

Students will explore integrated spiritual topics each week in community with other challenge graduates.


Practical Development

Students will learn practical skills such as budgeting, understanding self, and organizational strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Odyssey Program aims to equip students academically, spiritually, and practically for their journey ahead. Students in the Odyssey Program have the opportunity to earn up to 30 college credits, develop leadership skills, gain practical knowledge, and grow spiritually, all while in community with other Challenge graduates.
The Odyssey Program is available to Challenge graduates.
The application deadline for fall 2022 is June.
The Odyssey Program costs $5,000 per semester. Payment plans are available upon request.

Fall Semester

August 22 - December 9

Spring Semester

January 9 - May 6

Getting Started...

Step One


  • Students first fill out an application, after which one of our advisors will reach out to answer any questions regarding the program.

Step Two


  • After applying, an advisor will conduct a student interview in order to help the student decide if the Odyssey Program is a good fit.

Step Three


  • Finally, a personal advisor will provide the student with registration details.