CC Plus Program

Challenge II

College Options

  • Composition 1 - British Literature
  • College Algebra
  • Latin 1
  • Western Cultural History
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Challenge III

College Options

  • American History 1
  • American History 2
  • Chemistry
  • Composition 1
  • Latin 2
  • Music Theory
  • Shakespeare
  • Speech
  • Philosophy
  • College Algebra 
  • Pre-Calculus 
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Challenge IV

College Options

  • Composition 2
  • Greek & Roman Lit
  • Interpretation of Ancient Lit
  • Christian Thought and Practice 
  • Old Testament & Its Interpretation 
  • Western Civ I
  • Western Civ II
  • College Algebra 
  • Pre-Calculus 
  • Speech
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Partner Colleges

Southeastern University





The Classical Conversations Plus Program’s mission is to encourage families to "Stay and Save" all the way through Challenge IV graduating from high school within the Classical Conversations program. Students stay and save with the opportunity to obtain official college credit that aligns Christian scholars with collegiate assessment in an extended community while honoring the home school family, keeping within the boundaries of the Challenge Guide, and maintaining flexibility of credit options with affordability. In a very uncertain and secular dual enrollment arena, we maintain admirable college standards that are stable, God-honoring, and relevant to our classical, Christian curricula.

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This year CC Plus has a goal to save families over 7 million dollars. The average university course costs $3,100 according to, see what you can save by contacting us today!

$5.5 Million Dollars

CC Plus 2020 Savings Goal 


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