Students receive letter grades on their college transcripts. For the duration of the course, numerical scores are used and then tabulated for an end of course grade.
Classical Conversations Plus partners with two college institutions, CC Plus SEU and CC Plus C@SE. Southeastern University, SEU, is located in Lakeland, Florida. The College of Southeastern, C@SE, is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Both partners are regionally accredited.
It depends on the partner, but the good news is that everything is very affordable. Currently, CC Plus SEU courses are $500 and CC Plus C@SE courses are $389. Each course consists of three credit hours.
Students receive regional college credit upon successful completion of CC Plus courses. Regional college credit is the highest level of accreditation and is widely accepted. While parents and students should not have a problem transferring credits to the destination college or university of their choice, we do not guarantee that they will be able to do so. Checking with the destination institutions is recommended for their transfer policies.
CC Plus also offers degree plans. A degree plan is a document displaying or explaining a set of college course information (institution name, course title, and course number) intending to lead to a specific degree. The degree plan typically displays a mix of courses already completed (including the achieved academic grade) and courses intended for future study. Degree plans provide clarity to registrars and families. Please contact customer service and ask for a CC Plus Degree Plan.
Please email with your questions and one of our representatives will respond.
Seventy-five dollars holds your student's seat in the class. The $75 is non-refundable, but it is deducted from the price of the overall tuition payment. Course seats fill quickly; we have had to turn students away in the past; so the deposit secures your registration!

The Challenge student is enrolled in high school curricula which is college-level-approved for regional college credit. This means that selected Challenge II, III and IV seminar assignments are assessed at the collegiate level by our partner college assessors. 

The CC Plus program aligns closely as possible between the Challenge Guide curricula and CC Plus college assessments. Our concurrent college program must meet the accreditation standards set by the partner college for each college course. This means that some Challenge assignments may be slightly adjusted to meet the particular Student Learning Objectives, SLO’s, of the particular college course. The course descriptions convey the criteria for each course and the types of assignments and alignment particulars that are assessed for college credit.  

Some courses have prerequisites, such as Composition I or its equivalent before Composition II. Math courses are generally sequential in ability. Please read course descriptions for any prerequisite details.

Motivated students who can handle all the vigorous academic work of the Challenge curricula and desire to acquire college credit aligned with their Challenge courses should consider enrolling in CC Plus. 

This website is dedicated to Classical Conversations Plus and the college credits that are available to enrolled Challenge students only. ICS (Integrity College Solutions) provides services for the College at Southeastern, C@SE, which are now provided by Classical Conversations Plus.

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