College Admissions Planner

We'll help you create a plan, save thousands, save time,
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College Admissions Planner (CAP)


Your Purchase includes:

  • Access to a personal planner for up to four years. (Access to the planner ends in June of the year the student graduates)
  • A timeline from Freshman thru Senior year of high school listing tasks to assist student with college planning.
  • Helpful fillable-forms for preparing a four-year high school plan, tracking college applications, transcript preparation and more.
  • After an order is placed, an access link will be emailed to you typically within 24 hours.


What is a College Admissions Planner?

The College Admissions Planner is a wonderful tool for both high school students and their parents. Packed with helpful links, customizable forms and spreadsheets, and numerous resources on everything from time management and high school courses to financial aid and testing, this planner contains everything you will need for success in the college admission process. It is highly intuitive and breaks tasks down into manageable pieces so the student can set himself up for success.

In addition to college admissions tasks, the planner also contains specific information specific to the CC+ program:

  • Videos to help CC families understand how CC+ Course & Credit Transfer works. 
  • CC+ four-year high school plan that incorporates all of the CC+ courses that are offered in Challenge II, III and IV.
  • Early/Registration deadlines for CC+ courses
  • Helpful reminders for important CC+ partner college tasks like ordering transcripts, when payments are processed, deadlines for dropping courses, etc.

Join the many who are getting organized with the College Admissions Planner!

College Admissions Planner Benefits

Costs less than an Independent Education Consultant

*Comprehensive Fees

  • 53% of IECs nationally charged between $3,000-$6,000 for their advising package
  • The mean comprehensive fee for College was: $4,620
  • For Grad School: $4,494
  • For Secondary School: $5,004
  • For Therapeutic: $5,240

*Mark Sklarow, “Trends in Independent Educational Consulting 2016,” IECA Webinar, February 2017.

Staying on top of deadlines and timely tasks helps students:

  • Receive maximum financial aid
    • Financial aid is dispersed “first-come, first-serve
  • Maximize scholarships
    • Knowing when/where to apply for scholarships will help student maximize their financial awards

Knowledge of the admission process.

  • Helps families build a plan so that there is full transparency into the admission process.
    • Admissions process is broken down into “bite-sized” pieces.
  • Students tend to become more motivated as they understand the admissions process better.
    • Guidance is driven and shaped by what’s best for the student.

Save time & stress!

  • The research into the college admissions process has been done for you.
    • Student can use their time effectively completing the timeline tasks instead of researching college admissions requirements.
    • Parents can build relationship with their student as they come alongside them to help navigate the college admissions process.

Find the best fit college.

  • Families can decide together which college is best for the student because they have all of the information they need to make an educated choice.
  • The CC+ Planner can supply third-party support for helping your child move into the future successfully