Our clients Testimonials

"Thanks so much! This has been such a great step for my son academically and personally in his education. It has been a joy to see him step up his game in regards to basic planning and study skills. I am so happy that SEU has partnered with CC in this way!"

-From the H. family

"CC+ICS (C@SE) has been a wonderful experience! The feedback I have received on my assignments has been extremely helpful, and I have really enjoyed the class."

-Lauren P. | Challenge II

"Caleb's Latin class has been a very positive experience for him. We've been very happy with Integrity College Solutions, and I look forward to Caleb being able to take more of your college classes in Challenge III."

-Lanelle L, CC Mom

"The knowledge imparted to me from the professors at SEU is unparalleled. Their steady and graceful guidance allowed me to grow in my walk with God while refining my techniques in the coursework. They greatly exceeded expectations as they were willing, always, to provide professional recommendations. As a result, I became a well-rounded student." -U.S. Naval Academy Prep School

-Emma Shattuck

"My experience with CC+ICS has been overwhelmingly positive. The layout is clear and user-friendly. Personable and encouraging professors round out a wonderful online college experience."

-Caleb L. | Challenge III

"I am thankful for the ways CC has prepared me to succeed in ICS. Every invention, arrangement and elocution tool truly is valuable. Thank you."

-Eden A. | Challenge II

"CC+ICS (C@SE) has connected me with amazing mentors that have helped me grow my skills and abilities as a student tremendously. CC+ICS is an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity that I would recommend to any classical conversations students looking for expert guidance to expand their studies."

-Charlotte M. | Challenge III

It is such a wonderful option... my family has appreciated it so much. I can't believe the leap my daughter's writing took after British Lit. Blessings. Thank you for all you do."

-CC+ Parent, Support Representative

"Working concurrently with my Classical Conversations assignments and CC+ICS has strengthened my writing skills immensely. I've noticed an improvement not only in the quality of my work, but also in my mentality towards writing: I enjoy it so much more now! I'm grateful I became involved with CC+ICS (C@SE), I hope to be a part of it in the future."

-Veronica P. | Challenge II

"Thank you so much for your help! I received my grade. I am truly enjoying the class!"

-17/18 British Literature CC Student

"I really enjoyed my experience with Integrity College Solutions (C@SE) in high school. Earning college and high school credit at an incredibility affordable price has helped already in my freshman year of college. Both advisors I interacted with were more than helpful with any question and very encouraging which helped with the self paced program. I highly recommend taking these courses!" - Estimated savings: $4,500 - Transferred to Colorado State University

-Mary M., Colorado

Joseph completed the 1 st day of his class. He loves it – “because it's not a regular math class mom, you actually get to look at real-life companies and stuff.”

-Lynn Doto