CC Plus Requirements

Stay and Save in the Challenge Program! Starting in Challenge II, your student can gain college credits by having selected Challenge coursework assessed at the collegiate level by our partner college assessors. Your student is eligible to enroll in the CC Plus program by meeting the following criteria:

• Classical Conversations Plus age requirements for currently registered Challenge students are 15 years of age as of September 30 to qualify for Challenge II concurrent college courses and 16 years of age as of September 30 to qualify for Challenge III or IV concurrent college courses.

• Challenge II students must be fully enrolled in all six seminars. Challenge III and IV students must be enrolled in a minimum of four seminars

• Students may only take courses that correspond to the seminars of their current Challenge enrollment level. Math courses correspond to math ability and sequence level

• Students are required to have a one-year previous history with the Challenge program to ensure success with college-level assessments

• Enroll in college program and pay registration and tuition fees

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